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Audax Logistiek has its specialized, finely-woven distribution network in cities, shopping areas, supermarkets, schools, petrol stations, and so on, in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Based on fixed delivery windows, we deliver goods or spread items from the return flow. We even deliver directly to consumers through this network. Every day, we stop 6,000-8,000 times at points of sale of newspapers and magazines.

Audax is also your partner for all e-fulfilment services. Are you a retailer who wants to start e-tailing? Or do you have a webshop for which you need a partner for your logistics process?

Audax E Commerce and Audax Deliveries offer you customised solutions based on proven standards in the market. We combine our back-end solutions with your existing or future front-end. We will store your products, process your webshop orders, pack them, and arrange their shipping. We work with flexible cut-off times. And on top of that, we take care of any return processing for you.

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